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Processing the Teambuilding Activity - - Body Part Debrief

Body_part_debrief_bag_2 Teambuilding games author and trainer Michelle Cummings has developed one of the coolest debrief tools ever.  She calls it the "Body Part Debrief Bag" and it's guaranteed to help your group more effectively process teambuilding activities.

Once you get a chance to actually use this bag with a group your working with it's hard to imagine how useful this can be.

People really like holding the different items in the bag when they talk. 

For example, pass the heart around and ask people to share how they felt about what happened during the activity.

Or send the stomach around and ask people what took guts for them to do or ask how they stepped outside their Comfort Zone.

Brain- Tell the group something that you learned.

Hand- How the group supported you, or someone you would like to give a hand to.

Ear- Describe something you heard, or something that was hard to hear.

Eye- A vision you had for the group, or something you saw.

Smiley Face- Tell the group something that made you smile, or name some positive attributes of yourself or the group.

Once you start using the Body Part Debrief Bag you'll find it to be an invaluable tool, one that you'll make sure you always take along on a training event.

You can purchase the Body Part Debrief Bag from (Michelle's company) HERE.


Mike Cardus

This is a great activity, i use the body part debrief with corporate and college group constantly. The action of attaching feeling to an external source helps participants open up. Training-wheels is a great resource.

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