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Teambuilding Game: Amoeba Electric Fence

The Amoeba Electric Fence teambuilding game requires a group to travel over an obstacle while maintaining their amoeba status (remaining connected with each other).

The challenge can be made more difficult by making the "electric fence" taller.

Though it's possible to setup this teamwork activity by simply stringing a rope between two chairs (or trees) I prefer the version you see in the video because the facilitator is removed from the "policing" role.

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Electric Fencing Cape Town

Great video, thanks for the info!


can i know the solution to this game?

Tom Heck

Replying to the comment left about "knowing the solution to this game" - - The solution is found in the IATF Members Only Area here: http://www.IATF.groupsite.com Access to the members only area is one of the many benefits of IATF membership. Learn more about IATF member benefits here:

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