Teambuilding Game: Jump Rope Record
Team of Dancing Elves

Teamwork Activity: M&M Arm Wrestle, a teambuilding game to teach the power of win-win consciousness

This is a "no-prop" teamwork activity, meaning all you need to lead this are participants.  People pair up and then assume the "arm wrestling" position. 

Here's what you tell the group:  "Your goal is to earn as many points as possible.  You earn a point when the back of your partner's hand touches the ground."  I'll demonstrate how this works and then I'll say "Ready, set go!" 

Watch the video to see what happens next 99.9% of the time.

Would you like to lead this teambuilding game with your group?

Follow the link below to read detailed directions on how to lead this teamwork exercise which include:

  • Setup & Preparation
  • Rules
  • Comments and insights about the teambuilding game
  • Debriefing suggestions
  • Variations
  • Detailed "how to make it" if props are involved

CLICK HERE to read complete lead-it-yourself instructions.  You'll be taken to a password protected "Member Only Area".  Become a Member - Learn how HERE.

>> Master List of Teambuilding Games HERE

>> Leadership Development Program HERE 



We used this activity last week with a youth group of nearly 60 students. We used it to set up the discussion "What is a win/win for you (as students) and us (as a youth group)?" The students then came up with a list and created their own rules for our group.

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