Teamwork and Leadership Ideas Newsletter: December 2007
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Teamwork News: Stadium fooled into "We Suck" - - Leaders lacking integrity

Here's a news item that speaks to how easy it can be to fool people.

A small group of high school students play a prank on visiting fans during a football game.  Be sure to watch the video clip below.

This small group of students passed out small (8.5 x 11 inch) pieces of paper to fans sitting on the opposing  side of the field.  The fans thought the signs would spell out something positive ("Go Darby") but instead said "We Suck".

This small group of students was not operating in integrity and yet they were able to quickly and easily fool a few hundred people because only they lacked the "big picture".  Had the fans known what they were doing they would have never participated in the prank.

It's easier for  leaders who aren't operating in integrity to fool larger and larger numbers of people because so many people are in a fog.  This fog can be caused by many things but one of the biggest culprits is our seemingly never ending desire for  more TV that is the equivalent of junk food for the brain.

TV distracts us an makes us more susceptible to being fooled, much like the fans at the football game were fooled.  When we're distracted it becomes harder to think about the big picture or what's really important.

Al_gore Al Gore talks a lot about this in his must read book entitled "The Assault On Reason".

Read a book review of "The Assault On Reason" by the NY Times HERE

NPR interviews Al Gore about this book.  Listen HERE

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