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50,000 Teenagers trained in leadership over 18 years - - audio interview with Lead America founder Chris Salamone

"It was a remarkable experience that I will never forget"
-- Anna O., a LeadAmerica Participant

Imagine a teen leadership program where participant comments like that are the norm.  Imagine having 50,000+ teenagers make comments just like that one. 

If you can imagine this then you can begin to understand what it feels like to experience the world of Chris Salamone, the founder and chairman of Lead America, the nation's most respected youth leadership organization.

Lead America is a cutting edge summer leadership program for teenagers that takes place in universities across the US.

I've known about the work of Lead America for five years and am very much in alignment with their mission and purpose which is to transform our world's next generation of leaders by educating, empowering and instilling in them ethical and principled leadership values, attitudes and skills.

Chris_salamone I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lead America founder Chris Salamone who has 19 years of experience designing and delivering teen leadership programs serving thousands of people in multiple locations simultaneously. 

  • What role does experiential learning play in the Lead America curriculum?
  • What have you learned about working with young people on leadership that might surprise educators or the general public?
  • As you work with young leaders, what concerns are they expressing?  How do they want to influence the world?
  • What actions steps can people who work in youth development take to help the youth they serve become better leaders?

Click on the link below to play the 45 minute audio interview with Chris Salamone of Lead America:

Download chris_salamone.mp3


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