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Gen Y -- 5 Important Things To Know About Millennials and your Team - Audio Interview With Gen Y Expert Bea Fields

If you're in a position to hire members of Generation Y then this audio interview is for you!

Bea_fields Meet Gen Y expert Bea Fields who coauthored the new book:Millennials_leaders_book

Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today's Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

Bea is an Executive Coach and specializes in Leadership and Team Coaching and she is a consultant to businesses that need to understand how to best work with Generation Y.

In this special audio interview we will answer the following questions:

  1. Who is Gen Y?
  2. What are the Gen Y young workers looking for when joining a company?
  3. What are the turn-offs when being recruited to a team or company?
  4. Since Gen Y has been born and raised on teams, what are they looking for in a team?
  5. What are some examples of companies who are doing well when it comes to Gen Y teams and why are they doing well?

Click on the play button below to listen to this audio interview.


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