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Gen Y -- 5 Important Things To Know About Millennials and your Team - Audio Interview With Gen Y Expert Bea Fields

If you're in a position to hire members of Generation Y then this audio interview is for you!

Bea_fields Meet Gen Y expert Bea Fields who coauthored the new book:Millennials_leaders_book

Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today's Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

Bea is an Executive Coach and specializes in Leadership and Team Coaching and she is a consultant to businesses that need to understand how to best work with Generation Y.

In this special audio interview we will answer the following questions:

  1. Who is Gen Y?
  2. What are the Gen Y young workers looking for when joining a company?
  3. What are the turn-offs when being recruited to a team or company?
  4. Since Gen Y has been born and raised on teams, what are they looking for in a team?
  5. What are some examples of companies who are doing well when it comes to Gen Y teams and why are they doing well?

Click on the play button below to listen to this audio interview.

Leadership Development TeleSeminar: Extend Your Boundaries

Strong leaders set healthy boundaries.

Weak leaders have no idea what boundaries are or how to establish and even extend them.


Boundaries are an imaginary line of protection that you draw around you. 

Boundaries are about what others CANNOT do to you or around you. 

When you set healthier (stronger / more extensive) boundaries you’ll see these benefits:

  • Trust increases
  • People respect you and your team more
  • Fear diminishes significantly
  • You grow (evolve,advance) faster

And the flip side? 

People (or even teams) with weak boundaries experience a plethora of problems including: 

  • Needy and disrespectful people are attracted to you
  • Lots of time and energy is wasted
  • You're stuck in a world of “urgency”

Boundaries help you define who you are and who you are not.

You set boundaries by stopping your or others behavior.

You extend boundaries by having courage.


Real Life example of extending boundaries:

When David Durovy, president of, discovered that some of his customer service representatives were having trouble with abusive clients, he took care of the problem in a way that reflected the company's core values.  He fired the customers. 

"When you see one of the best [phone reps] in the industry crying after she gets off the phone you say, 'This isn't right". That was kind of a bold step, but it set a precedent and it gave our people here the confidence that we really cared about how they were being treated."

-- David Durovy

Ask yourself this: 

  • How do you feel about David’s decision to extend and enforce this boundary? 
  • How do you think David’s decision effects his team?
  • How do you think David’s customers are experience this boundary? 
  • What do you think it’s doing to David’s bottom line?

Yeah.  You know the answers.  That’s why boundaries are so powerful.  When you establish healthy boundaries as a team you are creating an environment where win-win is the natural outcome.

In this live and interactive TeleSeminar we will explore the following:

  • How do boundaries work for you (in your life as a leader and on your team)?
  • Can you go too far in setting boundaries?
  • How would you need to come across in order for people to honor these new boundaries without you having to read them the riot act or be hard or defensive?
  • What is the most powerful, yet graceful way to interact with others about boundaries?

And what happens when your boundaries are violated?  We’ll address this in this TeleSeminar as well.

This Program Is For:

Teamwork Facilitators, Managers, Team Leaders, Trainers, Coaches, Educators

What You Get:

When you purchase this product you'll receive immediate access to a password protected website where you'll find:

  1. 67 minute recording (mp3 format) of a live and interactive TeleSeminar led by Teamwork Coach Tom Heck
  2. Class handout/notes in PDF format

Registration Fee:  $79

NOTICE:  Access to the recording and class notes for this program are only available to members of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  Become a member and get instant access to this resource and much more!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

50,000 Teenagers trained in leadership over 18 years - - audio interview with Lead America founder Chris Salamone

"It was a remarkable experience that I will never forget"
-- Anna O., a LeadAmerica Participant

Imagine a teen leadership program where participant comments like that are the norm.  Imagine having 50,000+ teenagers make comments just like that one. 

If you can imagine this then you can begin to understand what it feels like to experience the world of Chris Salamone, the founder and chairman of Lead America, the nation's most respected youth leadership organization.

Lead America is a cutting edge summer leadership program for teenagers that takes place in universities across the US.

I've known about the work of Lead America for five years and am very much in alignment with their mission and purpose which is to transform our world's next generation of leaders by educating, empowering and instilling in them ethical and principled leadership values, attitudes and skills.

Chris_salamone I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lead America founder Chris Salamone who has 19 years of experience designing and delivering teen leadership programs serving thousands of people in multiple locations simultaneously. 

  • What role does experiential learning play in the Lead America curriculum?
  • What have you learned about working with young people on leadership that might surprise educators or the general public?
  • As you work with young leaders, what concerns are they expressing?  How do they want to influence the world?
  • What actions steps can people who work in youth development take to help the youth they serve become better leaders?

Click on the link below to play the 45 minute audio interview with Chris Salamone of Lead America:

Download chris_salamone.mp3

Workshops & Training


Live (face-to-face) Workshops

GO Team Workshops -- Team building workshops for nonprofit and social enterprise teams

7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach -- Secrets to Leading in the Inspiration Age

Games Trainers Play -- Learn how to use experiential learning activities to enhance your training events.

Therapeutic Team Building Games -- Learn how to use team building games in a therapeutic scenario.


Virtual (distance learning) Workshops

Leader As Coach Fast Track Program 

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Team Building Games Bundle -- Multimedia Training CD Set

Our Most Popular Training Resource!

Teambuilding Games 3-CD Bundle

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Motivate & Inspire Your Team!

Enhance Trust and Build Sustainability!

You can do this using the activities found in our popular 3-CD Multimedia Teambuilding Games Training set used by Teamwork Facilitators around the world.



Tom_2 Hi I'm Tom Heck, President & Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators (IATF).

With this special combination of CDs, you'll learn how to lead teambuilding exercises that will help you build a high performing team AND become a better facilitator and leader of teams.

By far, the number one tool requested by teamwork coaches, facilitators, and trainers is lead-it-yourself teambuilding activities that motivate people and get them moving in the same direction. 

Now you can own the most requested IATF training tool we've ever created - - - it's a virtual train-the-trainer workshop in a 3-CD set filled with over 100 teambuilding games and formatted to teach you fast and easy using video clips, color photos, and printable directions.  All at your fingertips, ready to use whenever and wherever you are.

Why own the CDs?

  • Ready Now -- Feel secure knowing this IATF teambuilding games training resource is on your shelf (or in your briefcase) ready to access and learn from at any point in the future.
  • Convenience  -- Access the teambuilding games information you're looking for right now (complete with video clips) without needing an internet connection.
  • Ease of Use  -- The IATF CDs user interface was professionally designed with ease of use in mind.  Works on virtually any computer (PC or Mac).
  • Value -- Purchased separately this 3-CD set would cost $120.  When you purchase as a bundle right now the cost is $99.  


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Each of the 3 CDs has a training theme to help you find the perfect teambuilding game quickly and easily ...

CD # 1 Teambuilding Games 101

Vol_1 On this CD you'll find 33 activities you can lead now with little or no advanced preparation.  If props are required to lead an activity, they'll be easy to find at local stores and will require little, if any, preparation time.  There are games for big and small groups, cerebral and physical challenges, and activities lasting from 5 to 55 minutes.  Normally $39.95 but you get this free with your IATF membership.  Details on this multimedia training CD HERE.

CD # 2 Teambuilding Games Advanced

Vol_2 Team Building Games ADVANCED contains 31 experiential learning exercises that use distinctive props, which you can easily make yourself using the detailed instructions provided (or purchase the pre-made props). This one-of-a-kind multimedia CD will help your group explore teamwork in new and exciting ways. Most of these activities are for groups of 10-20 people, though a few may be played with larger groups (50 or more). Every activity is designed to creatively engage participants and provide openings for important discussions that will help your group become a high performing team.  Normally $39.95 but you get this free with your IATF membership.  Details on this multimedia training CD HERE.

CD # 3 Teambuilding Games Icebreakers and Fun

Vol_3Team Building Games - Icebreakers & Fun is filled with 40 activities to get your group laughing and having fun together. You'll find games that are fast and active, slow and calm, get to know you, puzzles, fun debrief tools, and more. Some games can be played with small groups and others with large groups and all have been tested with a wide range of ages (adult, college and school age) and diverse populations (business, education, camps, sports, clubs, etc.).  Normally $39.95 but you get this free with your IATF membership.  Details on this multimedia training CD HERE.

The IATF multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

SAVE $21 when you purchase all three training CDs.  It's like getting one CD for free!


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Master List of Teambuilding Games

Below is the master list of IATF teambuilding games.  This list will be updated as new activities are added.

Get immediate access to the IATF online archive of detailed lead-it-yourself teambuilding game directions when you become an IATF member.  CLICK HERE for IATF membership details.

Initiatives - Long
  problem solving games that take a longer amount of time and may involve more props

A-FrameAir LockAll Aboard,  Amoeba Electric Fence, Big Safe IslandChannelsFour ClientsGas LeakGiant Egg Ladder, Helium StickHot Stuff, Human KnotHuman LadderInfinite LoopsInhuman KnotKey PunchMazeRope PileStilts RiverTangramTeam Balance BoardTeam LabyrinthTrolleys with Duct Tape

Initiatives - Short
  problem solving games that take a shorter amount of time

Bandanna Cup MarbleConsensus RopesElastic BullseyeFocus RingFunder Bird, Hole TarpHoop PassJump Rope Record,  Paper TowerStepping StonesTeam TraksWarp SpeedWelded Feet,

Win-Win / Collaboration

Ain't No Flies On MeM & M Arm WrestleTeam Build-A-WordTennis Ball Madness

Debriefing (Processing) Activities

Body Part Debrief,  Metaphor Cards


All My NeighborsBag-O-QuestionsBig Question,  Human Bingo,  Name Tag


A What A WhichBack WritingButt SpellingMr. PotatoMrs. Wright


Trust Car,  Trust Circle Sit,  Trust FallTrust Wave,  Willow In The Wind 

Large Group Games
  The following games work well with large groups (hundreds of people)

Bandanna Cup MarbleCeiling ClockElastic BullseyeHole TarpMrs. WrightTeam Build-A-WordTrust Car

Fun & Fast Games

A Different DrumBandanna TagFunder Bird,  Human Taffy,  Partner Tag,  Partner Stand Up, 

Fun & Slow Games

Blanket Name GameBottoms UpButt SpellingDice RacingElectric HandsESPEye Scream,  Leg Nylon Head Ball,  Lycra Tube, 

No Prop (or very few/simple props)
  These activities require no props or very simple props

Ain't No Flies On MeBack WritingCount UpHuman Knot,  Interference,  Mrs. Wright,  M&M Armwrestle,  Paper TowerTrust Car,  Trust Circle Sit,  Trust FallTrust Wave,  Willow In The Wind,  Welded Feet


Butt PenniesCeiling Clock,  Egg Balance,  Hammer Puzzle,  Hidden NumbersIndex Card Challenge,  Jumping George,  Match Trick,  Nail Balance,  OK Poke Your Head,  Penny Goals

Toobeez Games

CubeBaton PassRobot WriterSnakeToxic Gas Leak

Team Timbers

Diamond Trust, Circular Walk,

Fishbowl Games
  These games can be led with a few people participating and others watching.

Mr. Potato


Full Contact Pinata