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Leadership Development TeleSeminar: Extend Your Boundaries

Strong leaders set healthy boundaries.

Weak leaders have no idea what boundaries are or how to establish and even extend them.


Boundaries are an imaginary line of protection that you draw around you. 

Boundaries are about what others CANNOT do to you or around you. 

When you set healthier (stronger / more extensive) boundaries you’ll see these benefits:

  • Trust increases
  • People respect you and your team more
  • Fear diminishes significantly
  • You grow (evolve,advance) faster

And the flip side? 

People (or even teams) with weak boundaries experience a plethora of problems including: 

  • Needy and disrespectful people are attracted to you
  • Lots of time and energy is wasted
  • You're stuck in a world of “urgency”

Boundaries help you define who you are and who you are not.

You set boundaries by stopping your or others behavior.

You extend boundaries by having courage.


Real Life example of extending boundaries:

When David Durovy, president of TapeResources.com, discovered that some of his customer service representatives were having trouble with abusive clients, he took care of the problem in a way that reflected the company's core values.  He fired the customers. 

"When you see one of the best [phone reps] in the industry crying after she gets off the phone you say, 'This isn't right". That was kind of a bold step, but it set a precedent and it gave our people here the confidence that we really cared about how they were being treated."

-- David Durovy

Ask yourself this: 

  • How do you feel about David’s decision to extend and enforce this boundary? 
  • How do you think David’s decision effects his team?
  • How do you think David’s customers are experience this boundary? 
  • What do you think it’s doing to David’s bottom line?

Yeah.  You know the answers.  That’s why boundaries are so powerful.  When you establish healthy boundaries as a team you are creating an environment where win-win is the natural outcome.

In this live and interactive TeleSeminar we will explore the following:

  • How do boundaries work for you (in your life as a leader and on your team)?
  • Can you go too far in setting boundaries?
  • How would you need to come across in order for people to honor these new boundaries without you having to read them the riot act or be hard or defensive?
  • What is the most powerful, yet graceful way to interact with others about boundaries?

And what happens when your boundaries are violated?  We’ll address this in this TeleSeminar as well.

This Program Is For:

Teamwork Facilitators, Managers, Team Leaders, Trainers, Coaches, Educators

What You Get:

When you purchase this product you'll receive immediate access to a password protected website where you'll find:

  1. 67 minute recording (mp3 format) of a live and interactive TeleSeminar led by Teamwork Coach Tom Heck
  2. Class handout/notes in PDF format

Registration Fee:  $79

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