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Ask The Teamwork Coach: How do you motivate a team?

Here's an "Ask The Teamwork Coach" email I received from a member:

I'm a manufacturing/process engineer and as a peson in charge of Continuous Improvement, how do I motivate a team? How do I inspire them to want to be there, to want to make a difference, or in some cases to want to make the time to be at the meeting in the first place.

This goes for hourly people as well as salaried people whose stake is somewhat higher than just the "normal" hourly persons.

-- John

John poses an important question.  How do we motivate people?  How do we inspire our team?

The place to start is to understand the difference between "inspiration" and "motivation".  In his book entitled ONE: The Art And Practice of Conscious Leadership Dr. Lance Secretan offers an important insight on the differences between inspiration and motivation.  Watch the short video clip below to see Dr. Secretan address this very issue live before an audience:

To lead from a place of inspiration one must be inspired.  You can't fake inspiration.  If you aren't living an inspired life then it will be impossible to lead from a place of inspiration.

Everyone can live an inspired life.  One resource to help you is the book "The Passion Test".  I offer one-on-one coaching to help leaders get clear on their passion and lead from inspiration.  Contact me to setup a free 15 minute coaching session to see if coaching is right for you.


Lance Secretan

Many thanks for referencing my work. The key to creating great organizations is to inspire the people within them - not to motivate them. Keep up your good work. Namaste!

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