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How are we all "One" and yet separate?

Teams are made up of individuals who, when they are fully living their passion, share their unique gifts so that all may prosper.

It's a paradox. 

We are all One.  We are all connected.

And yet...

We are separate.  (at least it appears that way)

How to explain this paradox?  Check out this amazing and GIANT piece of art.  Look very carefully at the small pieces (squares) and you'll discover each square is it's own picture.  All pieces are unique and when assembled just right (when the pieces work as a team) a beautiful picture emerges.


CLICK HERE to view this picture and be able to click on the smaller pictures to see what's really going on.

Are you looking for an opportunity to bring your team together as One?  Do you want your team members to get clear on their talents and gifts so they can more fully contribute to the team effort?  I can help you.  Contact me to schedule a time to talk about your needs, goals and dreams.


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