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Innovation and Teamwork -- an Audio Interview with innovation expert, author and speaker Thomas Koulopoulos

Innovation is inherently dangerous.

Innovation is always the enemy.

Innovation is an outsider.

Innovators are lone wolves.

Innovation is the same thing as inventing.

These are just some of the misconceptions about innovation that Tom Koulopoulos says run rampant in our society and are likely holding you and  your team back.

Thomas_koulopoulos Tom is president and founder of The Delphi Group, Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, Managing Director of one the worlds leading Innovation Labs, one of the industry's six most influential consultants according to InformationWeek, author of seven books, lecturer at the Boston College Graduate school of management, and frequent contributor to national and international print and broadcast media.

Tom Koulopoulos is an EXPERT when it comes to innovation.

In this audio interview Tom will addresses these questions:

What is innovation?

How do you innovate on a team?

What organizations are most innovative and why?

How can we teach and foster innovation on our team?

What are the ramifications for teams / organizations that fail to become innovators?

CLICK HERE to download the audio recording (mp3 file) of this interview.


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