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Make Your Organization Stronger - - Be Charitable

The evil-doers thought our financial strength here in the US resided in the World Trade Center towers.  They calculated that blowing them up with all the people in them would cause our economic collapse.

They were wrong.

Do you know why?

Thomas Friedman explains why the evil-doers plans didn't work in his book Longitudes & Attitudes - Exploring The World After September 11.

Friedman says the evil doers of 9-11 see us as a god-less nation.  The evil-doers believe our financial abundance is a result of, a reflection of our total lack of all things spiritual.

Charity What's the truth?

Friedman mentions it in his book and now, new research shows the same answer...

Our abundance here in the US comes from the fact that Americans are remarkably charitable. 

And charity makes you rich.

Here's what a recent article from Conde Naste says:

The United States is a remarkably charitable nation. The Giving U.S.A. Foundation estimates that Americans donated nearly $300 billion to charity in 2006—more than the gross domestic product (the annualized value of goods and services produced within a nation) of all but 33 countries in the world. More than three-quarters of this came from private individuals. Additional research suggests that between 65 and 85 percent of Americans give to charities each year.

         How does all this generosity relate to our high average levels of prosperity?  Read the article HERE to find out.

Now, apply this to your team - -

Do you want to prosper as a team (organization)?  If you answered yes, then you need to take a close look at your current level of charity.  Consider giving to the United Way or the Red Cross.

Do you want to become more attractive to the Gen-Y employee?  Then you better have a robust and visible plan for charity and volunteerism.


michael cardus

The abundance theory carries greater weight than just with Gen-Y. While empowering team members to see that their organization has values and a perspective outside of themselves. The social movement takes on more than just giving to keep up the corporate image. A company must also practice internal giving and encoureging the team members to give back. Oppurtunities for the team to give themselves and work within their community. Companies encouaging and giving incentives for the people to do this. Illustrate an abundance value and mentality.

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