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Spiritual Movie Will Help Us Connect And Advance World Peace - - Mark your calendars now for April 6, 2008 peace vigil

I've been teaching teambuilding since 1986 and if there is one clear truth I've seen demonstrated over and over again it's this...

We are amazing creative beings and when we come together (work together as one) our power is magnified ten fold. member Niek van Duivenbooden in the Netherlands points us to an amazing and delightful movie event to be held in venues around the world on the weekend of April 5-6, 2008.

Here's what the movie website says:

For the first time a major spiritual film release is being combined with a worldwide prayer vigil focused on shifting the planetary consciousness.

Join millions of people from every corner of the globe in learning the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world. Then on one momentous day we'll use the code to promote peace and compassion for all beings through over 1000 gatherings worldwide.

This is the chance for humanity to use the Law of Attraction to create peace on the deepest level.

CLICK HERE to learn more.



I knew a film maker who died very suddenly and I remember thinking: “What does a film maker leave behind?” This thought was the seed that sprouted the movie: Beatific Vision.

I found myself thinking of a secret film that a character would leave behind when he dies. Not one he wished not to be found but one he planned to be found. More than a final will and testament this film was a “Beatific Vision”, a view into the future of all characters and a clear mapping of the coincidences that would occur.

As I began to write the screenplay the voice of the Angel started to speak softly and occasionally. Upon many re-writes the Angel voice was vieing for main character status. I tried to reel in the angel but he (Angel Chad) wrestled control away from me.

When another close friend was passing to the other side, she added a strong dose of acceleration to the writing process. There now are so many Angels (most recently my Mother) involved, I feel I am at best the living hands to this project.

When I was a small boy my parents used to call me: Angel Michael when they wanted my behavior to change. I actually grew up thinking I was an angel including my sprouting scapula wings. Today, I do not think I am an angel but I surely believe that I am their vehicle for expression on earth.

Thank-you angels for this “angels on earth” experience!

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