Teambuilding Game: Four Clients (Customers)
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Teambuilding Game: Circular Walk -- a Team Timbers game

The Team Timbers are a multi-use teambuilding games system.  The four boards have special brackets on the end which allow them to be quickly and easily connected and disconnected in many shapes (box, zig zag, giant V, triangle, Diamond, etc.).

In this challenge the group must travel around the box shape without anyone touching the ground.  It's harder than it looks.

The level of difficulty can be quickly and easily changed to meet the needs of the group.  For example, if you supply three boards to form a triangle the challenge is much easier.  However, supply the team with five boards (forming a pentagon) and the challenge is much more difficult.

Learn more about the Team Timbers portable teambuilding games system CLICK HERE

Some of the teambuilding games you can lead include:

  • Circular Switch
  • Opposite Sides Switch
  • Lost Gold
  • Pairs Traverse
  • Team Circular Walk
  • Zig Zag Lineup
  • Zig Zag Traverse
  • Zig Zag Traverse with Gap
  • Star Switch
  • Star Gold
  • Star Clock
  • Trust V
  • Trust Diamond
  • Two Pair Pass
  • Two Pair Trade Partners

You can purchase a complete set of Team Timbers or just the metal bracket set and supply your own wood.  CLICK HERE for details.

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