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Group Coaching for Team & Leadership Development Professionals

Next Group Coaching Session

Friday March 21, 2008 from 11 am - 12 pm EST (New York City time zone) convert your time HERE

Tuesday March 25, 2008 from 11 am - 12 pm EST (New York City time zone) convert your time HERE

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a simple yet powerful process:  A group of like-minded people gather (virtually) on a conference call to help each other.

On a specified day and time (see above) members of the community call a special telephone number to connect to the Group Coaching call where Teamwork Coach Tom Heck is your host.

The Group Coaching call is essentially a conference line where anyone can talk and all can hear.  Tom takes questions and provides "laser" coaching and best of all, other callers can provide additional feedback and suggestions.

Group Coaching involves intuitive listening, constructive feedback, thought-provoking questions, identifying solutions and options, creating successful action plans, identifying obstacles that might limit the individual's success, and implementation of the plan.

You may come to the call with a question or you may just want to listen in and get inspired.

Group Coaching works because we leverage the combined experience, knowledge, wisdom, and perspective from everyone on the call and this accelerates the learning and growth so goals are achieved with less time and effort.  You feel the support of the other like-minded participants and it's energizing!

Who Should Attend?

You should attend a Group Coaching call if you want to leverage the power of a community of like-minded individuals.

Only those who are paid members of may attend.  Become a member HERE.


Free to all members of  Become a member HERE.

Number to Call

Login to the Members Only Area at HERE and then click on "Schedule" to find the special phone number to call.