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Integrity_1Integrity and Teamwork.

Would people describe you as someone who has Integrity?

And how do people describe your team?  Do they use the word "Integrity"?

Having Integrity is crucial to experiencing long-term success both individually and as a team.

But, how does one "get in" Integrity?

I just Googled the phrase “integrity and teamwork” and there were 20,600 pages found!

With so many references to Integrity you'd think we'd all understand how to achieve it both personally and as a team.

I think I know what the challenge is...

Integrity work is deep (not superficial). 

You can’t get to integrity by using a “technique”.

Integrity can’t be purchased or faked.

Integrity is about alignment...

The ONLY way to experience integrity (and the benefits) is when there is alignment between who you are (at your core) and the behavior you engage in.

A team experiences integrity when there is alignment between it’s purpose/mission and the behavior (actions) of the team.

There is a direct correlation between the degree to which the team MEMBERS are "in Integrity" (personally) and the degree to which the TEAM is able to be "in Integrity".  In other words, you can't have a team that's in Integrity without the individual team members being in Integrity FIRST (no matter how fancy those motivational posters are hanging on your wall).

Remember Enron?  You got it.  That was flash-in-the-pan success.  Zero integrity.  House of cards.

When “Out Of Integrity”

  • Disturbances occur regularly
  • Others are blamed and criticized
  • We react rather than respond to others
  • Decisions and choices are difficult and lack clarity

When “In Integrity”

  • Fewer problems are experienced
  • Consistent feelings of peace and well being are present
  • One reacts to others very little
  • Decisions and choices are clear and easy

How does one get to integrity?

How does a team get there?

The answer to these questions is found in the “integrity equation” which states: 

No Unresolved Matters  +  Alignment  +  Responsibility   =  INTEGRITY

Create these 3 conditions in your life and on your team and you get to integrity.

The resources include:

  • 70 minute recording of a LIVE and interactive TeleSeminar led by IATF President and Founder Tom Heck in March 2008
  • Class handout/notes in PDF format.

Registration Fee: $79

NOTE:  This resource is now only available to members of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators for free in the IATF Members Only Area.  Become an IATF memer now and get immediate access.  Member information HERE


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