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Leading your team and lessons from the professor who teaches Harvard University's most popular class

Is your team happy?

Are YOU happy?

If you answered "No" or "Maybe" to the above questions then you will be interested in the new book by Tal Ben-Shahar entitled:

Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment

Ben-Shahar is a Harvard Professor and his class on happiness is reported to be the most popular on campus.

Does that surprise you?

Harvard students pay upwards of $50,000/year to attend this iconic university and they sign up for a course on happiness?! 

Could it be that many of these students will go on to lead teams - - some will be managers, some CEOS, some will create wildly successful start-ups.  And if they can create a team or a company that is filled with happy employees, they will gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace (reduced turnover, HR dept focused on building capacity rather than putting out fires, increased productivity, reduced stress,  fewer sick days, etc.).

Old-school, command-and-control style leaders didn't concern themselves with helping their employees / team members understand and become happier.  Times have changed.  Now leaders must lead their teams in a way that inspires and draws out the best in people.  The result?  Happier employees!

Learn how to build happier teams naturally in the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program


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