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New leadership book by Bea Fields: "Edge - A Leadership Story"

In today's changing world, leadership is a skill which is tried by many and only mastered by few. Why? Because many leaders are unaware of the influence of their words, actions and deeds. They say things they wish they could recant. They lead from a place that is inauthentic. They don’t stop to think that their most critical team members are ready to jump ship, because they are bored, worn out and restless.

Edge_a_leadership_story The new book, EDGE! A Leadership Story, co-authored by my colleague, Bea Fields addresses these very concerns. Using a provocative approach, the book delivers a powerful message about authenticity, courage and human development through the engaging story of a modern day leader, Mitchell James, his team and his executive coach, Kate Nelson.

Bea Fields is a friend and colleague and I'm excited to help her announce this important book. I want to support Bea in accomplishing her mission: to help millions of readers get closer to becoming a leader who will have a profound and positive impact on the people in their lives.

I believe this book is breaking new ground in both the profession of coaching and the world of leadership, and I feel certain that you will be inspired by this work for years to come.

Get your copy now at using the link below:

Edge! A Leadership Story


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