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Teambuilding Game: Minefield

The Minefield teambuilding game is easy to setup and lead and is perfect for a group as small as 4 people and as large as 50.

You (the facilitator) create a "minefield" (obstacle course) using whatever supplies you have on hand.  In the video clip below I setup the playing area using Toobeez pipes and balls.  You can also use chairs, paper, hoola hoops, etc. to create your minefield.

Participants partner up and everyone stands at one end of the minefield.  One partner closes her eyes and steps into the minefield.  The other partner uses her voice to guide the person inside the minefield, helping her NOT touch any of the items in the minefield.  The objective is to get your partner through to the other side of the minefield and then the fun begins...

There are variations to this teambuilding game including picking up puzzle pieces as you travel through the minefield, avoiding mousetrap, and more.

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