"Speed Of Trust" expert Barry Rellaford visits the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program to share insights on building trust on your team
7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach -- Free TeleSeminar Recording

How to guide individuals and teams to win the games of their lives on their own terms -- CEO of Coachville.com Dave Buck visits the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program

Where are you on your Career Path as a leader of teams?

If you think the strategies, tactics and tools that got you here will get you there then you must become aware of a major shift that's happening right now in our economy (or you'll be left behind).

As you'll hear in the audio program below, we're evolving as a society and therefore your leadership style must evolve. 

The evolutionary progression started with an economy based on agriculture which gave way to the "Industrial Age".  From there we moved into the "Information Age". 

Dave_buck_150x150jpg Now, Dave Buck the CEO of Coachville.com, and IATF Visiting Faculty Member suggests we are rapidly evolving again - - this time to the "Inspiration Age"

Our economic prosperity will soon be based on Inspiration.  You can see this now - - people want to engage in activities that are both economically viable AND meaningful. This trend is particularly obvious among Gen-Y (under 30 crowd).

When it comes to leading teams, motivation is out and inspiration is in.

What's the number one skill for team leaders working in the new Inspiration Economy?


You must learn how to lead using the coach approach and in this recording Dave Buck shares 5 (of the 15) proficiencies required of team leaders who want to make the shift to building and leading teams using a coach approach.

Click on the link below to download and listen to the 60 minute audio recording of Master Certified Coach Dave Buck

Download dave_buck_1.mp3

Learn how to make the shift from an old traditional (command and control) style of leadership to an inspirational style of leadership based on the coach approach at the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.


Stephen Goldberg

This is very true. People want to be coached and developed. Unfortunately very few leaders have developed this skill. One reason is a lack of self awareness, not techniques as most people think. To be a good coach you need to first know-yourself and understand the people you are coaching.

Stephen Goldberg

bernie sleep

Hi Tom,
I think you might consider the difference between your link between managers and leaders. What you see as one and the same, I see a huge difference. In my view (in a nutshell) managers manage things, while leaders lead people to a better future. Leaders build an operational context which managers can manage, allowing leaders the time to think about the direction they wish to take their team/company. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi Bernie -- Tom Heck responding - - When you use the word "manager" it sounds like you're referring to what I would call a "traditional manager". There is a BIG difference between a "traditional manager" and a "Coach Manager". Coach Managers are best described here:

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