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7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach -- Free TeleSeminar Recording

Today’s leaders must evolve.  They must make a shift away from a traditional command and control style of leadership to a style of leadership that focuses on energizing and empowering people.

The old way of leading was about motivation - - a short-term, externally based, "technique" driven approach to moving people into action. 

"How can I motivate my team?" was the old question.  Asking this question keeps leaders caught in a downward spiral where they are:

  • Managing merely for results
  • Babysitting the employees’ smallness
  • Trying to eliminate mistakes
  • Creating adrenaline through deadlines
  • Solving all the problems

The old style of leadership is a HUGE energy drain.

Clapping_group_250 The new style of leadership - the style of leadership cutting edge managers and supervisors around the world are moving to - is all about INSPIRATION.

Leadership through INSPIRATION is most easily defined as the "Coach Approach" to leadership.

"How can I inspire my team?" is the question asked by the Coach Leader. 

There are 7 distinct qualities embodied by the Coach Leader that make them naturally inspirational leaders. These include:

  • Coach Leaders are models for others, not just expert managers.
  • Coach Leaders create problem free zones versus being expert problem solvers.
  • Coach Leaders have more then they need.

In September 2008, IATF President & Founder Tom Heck delivered a free live TeleSeminar on the 7 Qualities of the Coach Leader. 

Free Recording

Click on the link below to download the 60 minute audio recording (mp3 format):

Download 7_qualities_of_the_coach_manager_090308_c.mp3

Handout For Class

Click on the link below to download your one-page handout (PDF)

Download 7_qualities_of_the_coach_manager_b.pdf

Learn how to inspire your team while making your life as a leader more fulfilling in the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.



Being in Asheville, is there a local number I can use?

Mel Ubilas

I am in the Philippines. How can I participate in the teleseminar?

Tom Heck

This is Tom and I'm answering the two questions above - - (1) There is no local number to Asheville, NC. (2) To call in from the Philippines you can call the number provided in the TeleSeminar description (above) using a regular phone or using which allows you to use your computer to place a call to a land line.

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