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Chef tries to manage Gen-Y with fear and intimidation and fails - shares lessons

David_adjey Toxic bosses beware!  Gen-Y won't put up with you.

David Adjey used to be a toxic boss who would fire people for rolling their eyes at him.  He claims he ruled the kitchen through the use of fear and intimidation and it worked!  Until Gen-Y came on the scene.

Adjey is a world famous chef known for his recurring appearances as "chef-to-the-rescue" on the Food Network's Restaurant Makeover.

“I couldn't figure these kids out,” Adjey says about Gen-Y.  “They weren't listening to me.”

All the old rules of management had to be thrown out the window. And Adjey, at the top of his game as a chef, a TV star and an author, had to reinvent himself as a boss.

Adjey stopped using a traditional model of leadership (fear, intimidation, my way or the highway, etc.) and upgraded to a new, more dynamic model of leadership based on coaching skills.  Staff turnover dropped and morale went through the roof.

Before upgrading to this new leadership style, Adjey says "I had cooks quit on me because I wouldn't serve fair trade coffee at my restaurant!"

“These kids are the smartest generation that has ever worked for me. They are thinking about the world around them and how they can positively influence their environment.”

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