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Top 10 leadership traits Gen-Y want in their leaders at work

My friend Bea Fields and her colleagues at surveyed 320 Generation Y careerists (ages 21-27) about leadership.  Read about the survey HERE.

One of the questions asked:

What leadership traits are you most looking for in the leaders in your workplace?

Here are the top 10 responses:

1: Honesty
2: The ability to inspire
3: Integrity
4: Competence
5: Humility
6: Fairness
7: Respect
8: Visionary
9: Concern and care for employees
10: The ability to truly listen

The question you should be asking yourself is "Do my current leaders measure up?"  If you answered with anything other than a resounding "YES!" then your business is at risk.

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Alexia Vernon

As a Gen-Y leadership coach and a proud member of Gen-Y, I really think that number 3 is of the utmost importance. Gen-Y careerists want to see that whatever an organization defines as its core values are consistently put into practice. This is true integrity.

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