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8 Lessons on Teamwork from professional Adventure Racer and firefighter Robyn Benincasa

Learning how to build and lead a high performing team is easy.  So why aren't their more high performing teams?  One word:  IMPLEMENTATION

There are plenty of people who know what to do but can't pull it off.  They have the book knowledge and then stumble when it comes time to implement the ideas.

And I want to emphasize this - - I'm talking about building and leading HIGH PERFORMING teams.  The world is filled with mediocre, average and run-of-the-mill teams.  Poor implementation produces poor (or average) teams.

To build and lead a high performing team you must have a "force of will" that will carry you through the tough times (and there WILL be tough times). 

Another name for "force of will" is ATTITUDE.

To build a high performing team you must show up with a different attitude (different compared to what you'll find from leaders of mediocre teams). 

Robyn_01 I recently interviewed Robyn Benincasa who is an expert when it comes to having the right attitude for both leading and being a member of a high performing team.

Robyn is a firefighter in California and she is a professional adventure racer.  During the interview we focused on the lessons she's learned about teamwork through her exploits in adventure racing.

A little background...

Robyn has completed six Ironman races, with two podium finishes in her age group in Kona, Hawaii. In the past 10 years, she has completed over thirteen “expedition length” adventure races (7-10 days, non stop), and has earned World Champion honors in both the Eco-Challenge (Borneo, 2000) and the Raid Gauloises (1998). In addition to her work as a full time firefighter, Robyn runs a training and development business called World Class Teams and is a sought after motivational speaker.

Our interview focused on one of her most popular keynote speeches entitled “8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy”.

The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy are an acronym of TEAMWORK:

T -- Total commitment

E -- Empathy and awareness of teammates

A -- Adversity management

M -- Mutual respect

W -- "We" versus "I" thinking

O -- Ownership of the project

R -- Relinquishment of the ego

K -- Kinetic Leadership

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Watch the video clip below of Robyn talking about Element "K" - Kinetic Leadership


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