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Teambuilding Games in Nepal

I just received this email from a subscriber in Nepal (permission to share was granted).

Hello Tom

Excuse my informality. But I feel I know you so well after a year or more of your invaluable advice and my use of your book "Teambuilding Puzzles" and other stuff.

I thought you'd like to know how I've been using your "stuff".

Nepal_1 I am English.  I have aquired a job in a school in a small town here in Nepal as Progams Director.  This involves teaching just a few conversation classes to the higher grades, but more importantly I do teacher training and teacher assessments.

Using your skills I try to introduce both students and teachers to new ways of thinking by giving them problem solving exercises from your book and also to get them to do critical thinking "Out Of The Box".

They LOVE IT!!!!

Both students and teachers have never seen anything like the way I teach.  The teacher training sessions are looked forward to instead of thought of as a dreary and mandatory part of the job.  The teachers are improving their professionalism in leaps and bounds and the students actually enjoy it!

In the next couple of months I will be organizing a Teachers Team Building Day based on your programs.  I have no doubt it will be an eye-opening experience for them and one that will make them work better as a team.

It's sad that at the moment I'm unable to come to any of your workshops, but it's my one ambition to some day be able to do so. 

Of course, you could always come here to do some workshops?!  You'd REALLY love it here. You can see the peaks of the Himalayas as you walk to work every day, and meet some of the warmest people you'll ever meet in your life!


Brian Stokes

Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of my students, my teachers, and above all...ME.


Peter Stewart

Hi Brian,

I live in Nepal and conduct such programs and run Team Building programs based on the principles of Experiential learning across Asia over the past 15 years........ i just picked up your message by chance as the picture caught my eye. E-mail [email protected]

Peter Stewart
IATF Member

Ronnette Porter

Can anyone tell me where in Nepal the above photo was taken? I will be visiting Nepal April to June 2011. I would love to find this place in my travels,
Ronnie Porter from Noosa, Australia

Hi Ronnie -- I'm not sure where that photo was taken. Tom

Brady Holden


Does anyone have a way I can reach Brian Stokes? My girlfriend and i are planning a trip to Nepal this summer (June/July 2011) and would we would love to be apart of this teambuilding program Brian talks about. My girlfriend does what he did for her career in Boston. I know his post was from nearly 2.5 years ago but if there's a chance we can help, we'd love to volunteer our time to be apart of this. We are much more interested in volunteering or being apart of a cultural lesson or learn a local skill than JUST sightsee, trek, and relax. Please let me know if there's anyway we can help with this project.

Eager and adventurous travelers heading to Asia!!

Thanks in advance for anyone's help:)!

Brady and Abri


The photo was taken on the way to Landruk, approximately 30 minutes south of Landruk.

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