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Who Is Responsible For Your Training & Development?

Here's a true story that raises the question of "Who is responsible for your training and development?"

You be the judge.  What should this team leader do?

True story:  An IATF newsletter subscribers just wrote me and really wants to participate in our new leadership program called the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.

This manager asked her supervisor if she can participate and the answer came back:

“No, you can’t participate.  We don’t have the money.” 

Then, the manager sends me an email saying:

“Much as I want to, I can’t enroll because my boss says we don’t have the money.”

How would you coach this manager?  What should she do?

Here’s how I responded:

Dear Manager --

It’s unfortunate that your employer doesn’t have the money to invest in your training.  However, the person who is ultimately responsible for your training and development is YOU. 

Now is not the time to place your future in the hands of your supervisor (she’s too busy watching out for herself her limiting beliefs are blocking your potential). 

When you allow your supervisor to determine whether you participate or not you’re abdicating your power and allowing someone else to decide how your future is going to play out.

If ever there was a time to investment in YOUR development IT IS NOW.  Leadership development is THE best investment you’ll ever make.

Why?  Because you’re replaceable.  You’re downsize-able. 

Investing in your leadership development is like investing in your job security. 

The people who will ALWAYS be seen as more valuable in an organization are the ones who demonstrate strong leadership - - the people who make things happen.

Strong leaders know how to make the most out of any situation and they know how to inspire a team to succeed regardless of what CNN is yelling at us.

Strong leaders become invaluable to organizations in uncertain times.

Becoming a Strong Leader

The Leader As Coach Fast Track Program is GUARANTEED to make you a stronger leader. 

That’s right -- GUARANTEED -- or your money back!

Are the results you’ll achieve worth your investment of money, time and energy?  You be the judge.  If you’re not satisfied I’ll refund your money.

If you think you can put this decision off then I would challenge your thinking.  NOW is the time organizations need strong leaders.  If you wait to invest in your own leadership development they may find someone to replace you who HAS made the investment and then...

Face it.  Challenging times call for strong leaders. 

A leader is a person who LEADS!.

Who are you?


michael cardus

Tom, I have been thinking about this topic since we had a discussion some time ago.
According to this article millennials should be responsible for their own training. The days of getting a job with little to no experience and then your employer investing money for you to get trained may soon be over.

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