Perfect Teambuilding Storm on Horizon

TeleSeminar: Teambuilding Using Online Gaming

How would you handle this actual request from Google?

“We need a teambuilding event for 350 staff in our NYC office.”

A traditional corporate retreat was out of the question.  Too expensive and time consuming.

A totally unique solution was provided by Brad Hargreaves, CEO of provides team and leadership development through “massively multiplayer online role-playing games” (MMORPGs).

You read that right.

Teambuilding by playing a game online.

Did I already lose you?  If yes, you might be a dinosaur and you already know your fate.

For all others, please read this quote:

“If you want to see what business leadership may look like in three to five years, look at what’s happening in online games.”
  ---  Byron Reeves, PhD -- Stanford University

Online gaming expert Brad Hargreaves, CEO of, was my guest on a live IATF Leadership TeleSeminar and over 150 people from around the world joined the call.

During this TeleSeminar we discussed the benefits of teambuilding combining virtual and real-world elements, especially games.

Brad shared specific lessons learned from his work with Google and other large organizations where hundreds and even thousands of people are involved in his online teambuilding training events using games.

In this TeleSeminar you'll learn how massive online games teach important skills such as communication, collaboration and leadership.

Look into the future of team and leadership development! 

To access the recording of this informative 60 minute TeleSeminar login to the Members Only Area of the IATF.  Not a member?  CLICK HERE to join.


Alicia Smith, DISC Ninja

Tom - I was so excited to see this post. As trainers, we are often caught in the past world of "event" training, bringing everyone together in one place to "learn" something new.

But these days most teams do not work in the same location and their ability to work together successfully depends on newer, more virtual forms of communication. Of course, the cost of these "events" are becoming increasingly prohibitiive.

I'm a firm believer that "Games are a Reflection of Behavior," so games are an incredibly quick and revealing way to have greater understanding of those we work with.



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