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Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y with Bruce Tulgan -- Leadership TeleSeminar Recording

Did you get the message about leading Gen-Y ?

If you want to recruit, retain and manage Gen-Y employees (the under 30 crowd)  with any success then you’ve got to model your company after Google.


Turns out, research shows most of the so-called ‘experts’ on Generation Y have been leading managers in the wrong direction.

Google is NOT the model you should be following!

What style of leadership DOES work?

Think of the United States Marine Corps.

We’re talkin’ strong (not forceful) management that’s needed to help Gen-Y be successful:

  • NEVER undermine your own authority;
  • NEVER pretend that the job is going to be more fun than it is;
  • NEVER suggest that things are up to GenYers when they are not;
  • NEVER gloss over details;
  • NEVER let problems slide;
  • NEVER offer praise or reward for less than excellent performance.

Bruce Tulgan Rainmaker Thinking On Wednesday March 4, 2009, bestselling author of the new book “Not Everyone Gets A Trophy -- How To Manage Generation Y”, Bruce Tulgan was the special guest at the IATF leadership TeleSeminar. 

Bruce Tulgan is an internationally recognized expert on young people in the workplace.  He’s the author of numerous books including It's OK To Be The Boss

In this TeleSeminar Bruce debunked some of the common Gen-Y in the workplace myths including:

  • MYTH:  Gen Yers are disloyal.
  • MYTH:  They won’t do the grunt work.
  • MYTH:  They need work to be fun.
  • MYTH:  Money is the only thing that matters to them.
  • MYTH:  They don’t respect their elders.
  • MYTH:  They want to learn only from computers.

Not Everyone Deserves A Trophy by Bruce Tulgan Tulgan has a message for all who manage Gen-Y.  Although they are the most high-maintenance workforce in history, they also have the potential to be the most high-performing if they are managed the right way.

The recording of this TeleSeminar is archived in the IATF Members Only Area.

During the program you'll hear Bruce mention the importance of managing Gen-Y using a "coach approach" because this is the style of leadership Gen-Y is most responsive to.  You can learn how to lead using a coach approach in the 10-week program from the IATF entitled Leader As Coach Fast Track Program



You mentioned at the end of the telecast that we could sign up for an on-line newsletter. I've looked and can't figure out where to sign up for that.

Hi Melinda -- Tom Heck here - - sign up for Bruce Tulgan's free e-newsletter here:

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