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Duct Tape Teambuilding Games Book


Duct Tape Teambuilding Games_2 Duct Tape Teambuilding Games
50 Fun Activities to Help Your Team Stick Together

The newest teambuilding resource from Tom Heck, President and Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

With one roll of duct tape and this new book, you can now lead 50 fun teambuilding activities that teach vital team skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Confidence

Duct tape is the perfect teambuilding tool because it’s inexpensive, easy to carry, readily available and surprisingly versatile!

Book owners have access to a special password protected website filled with additional resources (learn more below)

Images "This book represents another GREAT resource from Tom Heck! I love versatile equipment and doing more with less. So, Duct Tape Teambuilding Games is a book that won't make it to my bookshelf - it'll stay right in my game bag next to the roll of tape. If you're a teambuilder that likes to travel light, this is a book you’ve got to have!"

Chris Cavert
Author of 12 books on teambuilding and experiential learning


Only $24.95 at ($9.99 for Kindle version)


Who needs this book?

  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Counselors
  • Team Leaders

Duct Tape Teambuilding Games provides complete lead-it-yourself step-by-step instructions that will help you turn your next team skills training event into a dynamic, kinesthetic and memorable team learning experience.  

Now is the time to help your team stick together!

In the current financial situation, too many teams are struggling because they lack “stickiness” meaning they fall apart when the going gets tough.  Your experience can be different.  Using the activities found in Duct Tape Teambuilding Games you can teach your team how to stick together and work as one even when times are tough -- ESPECIALLY when times are tough.

Is motivation an issue on your team?

Most team leaders want to motivate their team.  Motivation is a technique-driven strategy of moving a team forward.  The problem with motivation is this:  when the leader isn’t putting energy into motivating his team, the team stops.  A more sustainable model is to INSPIRE the team.  When the leader inspires the team he taps into what’s driving his team members.  When a team is inspired they move forward on their own because the leader has triggered something inside each team member.  The activities found in Duct Tape Teambuilding Games will help you move a team to the place of inspiration.

Each of the Duct Tape Teambuilding Games includes details on:

  • Game Objective
  • Skills Developed
  • Set Up / Preparation
  • Presenting the Challenge
  • Rules
  • Safety Warning
  • Suggested “Story Line”
  • Facilitator Notes
  • Debriefing Suggestions
  • Game Variations
  • And more!

Video of All 50 Games Included!

When you want to learn a teambuilding game fast and easy, video is the next best thing to attending a live workshop.

Duct Tape Teambuilding Games is filled with photographs to help you understand how to lead all 50 of the teamwork games.  As good as photographs are at communicating an idea (“a picture is worth a thousand words”), video is far superior to getting the idea across quickly and easily.  

Over the course of two years, I shot video of all 50 of the Duct Tape Teambuilding Games in action with real groups, edited it and then posted it on a special password-protected website.  The result is an invaluable resource - - a virtual how-to-lead-it workshop you can access 24 hours a day.  

Each copy of Duct Tape Teambuilding Games contains the login information you need to  access this multimedia training experience.  

Although it took me several years and thousands of dollars to produce this video training resource, you get access to it for FREE.  I’m that committed to helping you learn how to become the ultimate teambuilder!

Only $24.95 at ($9.99 for Kindle version)




Barry-rellaford "Meet Tom Heck, the teambuilding 'MacGyver'. He, too, has the duct tape - but he doesn't need a Swiss Army knife. The tools are already in your team - this book will help you release and use them. I highly recommend it!"

Barry Rellaford
Co-founder of CoveyLink, creators of Stephen M. R. Covey's "The Speed of Trust" and founder of


293 Pages of Fun & Variety

What kind of teambuilding games will you find in this book?  Games that work in all situations - - from the classroom to the boardroom:

  • Games for small teams
  • Activities for large groups
  • Fast moving games
  • Games requiring slow, thoughtful, and deliberate action
  • Icebreakers and get-to-know you games
  • Activities requiring physical strength
  • Challenges requiring brain power
  • Trust building activities
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Games to enhance communication skills

How About A Sample Game?

So you can have a full taste for what you'll have within your grasp when you order your copy, here is a sample game from the book Duct Tape Teambuilding Games - - it's called "Team Skis"

Click on the link below to download a FREE 5 page PDF containing complete lead-it-yourself directions for this game.

Download Sample_game

Watch a video of “Team Skis” below


Brian_biro “Tom Heck is the KING of duct tape teambuilding!  When you use his "Duct Tape Teambuilding Games" you’ll have great fun bringing your team together through activities they will never forget. We all know that duct tape is a MUST in every home, and now you’ll see how it is an irreplaceable tool in building a more effective team!” 

Brian Biro
Author of multiple leadership bestsellers including “Beyond Success”


Only $24.95 at ($9.99 for Kindle version)


I've devoted my life to teaching win-win team consciousness worldwide and doing it in a fun and memorable way.  As the President and Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators I’m leading a community of over 40,000 trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators, and team leaders of all kinds in 105 countries.  This book Duct Tape Teambuilding Games is my latest effort at creating a teambuilding training tool that is both supremely effective and fun to use.

Tomheck100 Sincerely,

Tom Heck
President and Founder
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

More praise for Duct Tape Teambuilding Games!

Relly_nadler "Tom Heck's book Duck Tape Teambuilding Games is a great resource for teambuilding activities, low on props and high on impact. I especially like the easy to follow write-ups and debriefing points. If that wasn't enough having a link to the video of each of 50 activities is a brilliant and innovative idea. Learning using all senses is one reason experiential learning is so powerful.The book and link will be an invaluable resource for you."

Relly Nadler, Psy.D., MCC
Author of Leaders' Playbook


Image.php "This book is a collection of some of the best and most up-to-date experiential activities that make  building teams or just plain having fun with groups easy to grasp and enjoyable to do. It is full of action-orientated activities and will be very useful to trainers, team development facilitators and educators who want to enhance their training with a new and exciting approach to team building.  It us very user friendly with easy to follow lesson plans, plus the option of viewing videos of each activity.  If you work with groups and do team building, training or education, this book will be a valuable resource. "

Ed Raiola, PhD
Department Chair, Outdoor Leadership Program
Warren Wilson College


Lisa "Tom - I just finished reading your new book and I loved it!  I knew duct tape could be a powerful adhesive, but never thought about its power to help a team form a strong bond!  I am inspired by the creative uses of duct tape!  I lead lots of portable adventure programs and can often be found traveling around with huge bags of equipment that are heavy, cumbersome and just plain difficult to store, not to mention expensive.  Who would've thought I could do many of those very same activities and just carry a duffel bag of duct tape?!  I just LOVE it!    And this book goes farther than most by providing realistic time frames, exciting variations, and engaging story lines.  I really think this book is a must-have not only for the beginning team builder but also for advanced ones!  It won't be one that I will just "stick" on my self, but it is sure to become a treasured favorite!"

Lisa Berkland
4-H Youth Development Field Specialist
Iowa State University


Mikewithhoops "I've heard it said that Duct Tape can fix anything.  Tom Hecks' new book using Duct Tape for team building has the same effect.  Tom’s book will make your team stronger and you will not rip out you hair doing so!  Tom uses his insight into group dynamics and his mix of multimedia to engage participants in team development.  As I read through the book I could imagine myself, as a facilitator, using any and all of these initiatives.  Tom has managed to take a low ropes course and make it accessible and portable to a roll of Duct tape that can be purchased at any store.  A great book, from a Team Building Expert!"

Michael Cardus
Team Development Consultant / Leadership Facilitator


Michaelgoldman "As a professional meeting facilitator  I'm constantly on the search for teambuilding ideas that immediately engage people but also help me link the learning to the team's core issues.  My challenge with many team exercises is that there's a risk in doing an activity with a group unless you 'really know' it will achieve the intended outcomes.

Tom Heck has once again created dynamic team activities that are fun, easy to lead, requiring minimal materials (i.e. a roll of duct tape!). Not only are there thorough notes on 'how' to run each activity but there is a video clip of the activity in action.  This helps me understand the set up, the sequence of events in action and the resulting participant responses. Right away, I can assess if this activity is a good match for the group I’m currently working with.

I also appreciate the depth of questions suggested for the debriefs. This, for me, is where the magic happens in bringing experiences to bear on a team's current issues or situations.  As well, I know I’ll be using some of your “interesting points” and quotes to keep activities relevant and engaging for participants."

Michael Goldman MHSc, CPF

President, Facilitation First


Images-1 "Tom Heck has probably thought longer and harder about the mechanics of successful team-building than anyone, and he shares some of this wisdom in this very fine book.  Each exercise is given context, specific directions on how to facilitate and - most importantly - ways to debrief what just happened.  For a facilitator, a teacher or a team leader, this book will significantly add to your repertoire of team-building games."

Michael Bungay Stanier
Award Winning Leadership Coach
Senior Partner, Box of Crayons



Only $24.95 at ($9.99 for Kindle version)