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"7 Qualities of the Leader-As-Coach: How You Can Build Inspired Teams" - Free IATF TeleSeminar

Free Audio: IATF President and Founder Tom Heck is interviewed by author and Gen-Y expert Bea Fields

Free 30 minute audio interview recording!

Leadership trainer, author, executive coach and Gen-Y expert Bea Fields interviews IATF President Tom Heck about issues impacting the work of Teamwork Facilitators.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • The IATF has members from around the world.  Are there challenges common to all Teamwork Facilitators regardless of where they live or who they work for?
  • The IATF promotes a type of team and leadership development based on the "Coach Approach".  What is the Coach Approach and can you give us an example of this in action?
  • How does the Leader As Coach differ from a traditional leader when it comes to how they relate to the Gen-Y team member?
  • What does it mean to be a roll model (as a leader) instead of settling for an "expert manager"?

CLICK HERE to listen to or download the free 30 minute recording (mp3 file).


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