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Free IATF membership benefits Q&A call

Is membership in the IATF right for you?

Will you benefit from enrolling in the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program which starts next week?  This course is normally $800 but free if you join on or before Sept. 4.

Come to this call on Wednesday to get all your questions answered about IATF membership benefits and the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.

A special joining incentive will be announced during the call.

CLICK HERE to register. 

Call Details:


IATF membership benefits Q&A call


Wednesday September 2, 2009
starts at 12 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs 60 minutes

Call Leader

Tom Heck, IATF President & Founder


Free. No charge.

Register Here

CLICK HERE to register.  It's free.

If you join the IATF on or before September 4 you’ll save money AND have the opportunity to enroll in the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program for free.

I look forward to having you join us!

Tom Heck
President & Founder
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators
[email protected]
(828) 348-4677


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