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VIDEO: Tony Robbins reveals how you (and your team) can be successful even when things look bad

Tony_robbins_interviews_frank_kern_and_john_reese What's the difference between a successful team and one that struggles?

This is the question I want you to consider as you watch this 38 minute video of Tony Robbins as he works with two very successful businessmen (two guys who used to be broke).  The video was not necessarily intended to help transform teams - - it was intended to help you (the individual) move forward in a successful way.  Even so, there is a powerful process Robbins shares at about 13 minutes in (look for him holding the notepad. 

What is the Holy Grail of someone taking action or not?

ANSWER:  Certainty

When a leader (or team) is absolutely certain that when they take X action AND that it will produce Y result and that result will change their life / team / business, the leader (or team) will do it.

Robbins shares a four quadrant model that will help you understand the mindset needed required to transform your life and your team.

Robbins says the purpose of this interview is to uncover the traits that successful people have in common. Specifically, the traits that cause them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to us all.

CLICK HERE to view the video (link takes you away from this site).


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