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Ten Business Strategies To Organize Your Family Life by Patrick Lencioni

What do I do if my manager is the problem on my team?

Best selling author Patrick Lencioni answers this common question:

"What do I do if my manager is the problem on my team? I mean, I don't have control over him. How am I supposed to have any influence?"

Lencioni says:

I used to respond to those questions by encouraging people to try to focus on influencing their own department and maybe even accept their situation for what it is. And while there is virtue in doing both of those things, I've recently come to the realization that there is an additional option-and a powerful one-that most of us are reticent to use, or perhaps unaware of. What I'm referring to is something I'll define as moral authority.

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How does a team leader get to the place where she feels comfortable leading with "moral authority"?  The Answer:  Become a "Leader Coach".


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