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Simple & Effective Productivity System -- Leadership Skills TeleSeminar

How do you get so much done and still have a life?

I frequently get asked that question.

I'm the President of an international organization, work with team members around the world, develop content, teach classes, lead workshops, develop and market products, write books AND I have a full and rewarding life outside of work - - I spend time with my beautiful wife (lunch dates, mountain bike rides, etc.), play with my two children, volunteer in my community, make music, go on vacations and more.

In this 30-minute TeleSeminar I'll share an easy to use productivity system that helps me get beyond the false sense of security of a "to-do list" and experience a real sense of achievement and fulfillment. 

I look forward to having you join me on the call!

Call Details


Productivity Tool for Leaders & Teams


Friday, September 18, 2009


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 30 minutes


Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


Come to the call ready to participate in small group discussions, share ideas and resources, ask questions, answer quick polls, and be fully engaged as we put the newest distance learning telephone conferencing technology to use!


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Internship Opportunity at the IATF

Community Development/Web 2.0 Intern

The International Association of Teamwork Facilitators (IATF) is seeking a creative, motivated and energized team of virtual interns to foster community, develop new media skills, engage an online international community of members.

This opportunity is limited to three virtual interns who are passionate about organizational development, teamwork facilitation and leadership. Our online community currently has members from over 26 countries. Our members hold leadership positions at Fortune 100 & 500 corporations. Our members range from trainers, psychologist, coaches, corporate executives, program mangers and entrepreneurs.

The Ideal Intern will:

  • have a passion for leadership, coaching and team work facilitator
  • be pursuing a degree in Organizational Development, Leadership, Management
  • be well versed in new media technologies
  • be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • be able to commit to a four month internship
  • be creative
  • be able to actively participate in our community and attend weekly intern training sessions

The Goals and Objective of the internship

  1. To research strategies and techniques to solving issues presented by the community
  2. To develop and implement a community development plan to increase activity and participation within the community
  3. To leverage new media, social media and online tools to deliver content and community development initiative
  4. To share knowledge, ideas and education with a community of expert teamwork facilitators

Each intern will be assigned a series of specific task. The task will require a development plan and implementation strategy to deliver to the community. Each intern will be personally coached and trained in leadership, coaching and community development strategies over the 4 month internship. Weekly creative strategy sessions will provide the Interns the opportunity to bring their ideas to the table and collaborate with industry experts who are putting information into action!

This is an unpaid internship but the experience and networking opportunities available will yield dividends for the right individual. I look forward to engaging your abilities. We ask for all interns to be able to dedicate 8-12 hours a week and work on a fixed schedule with our Director of Marketing and Community Development.

Tentative start date is October 1, 2009.  The exact date you start depends on your specific set of skills.

Please submit a resume and compelling reason why you are the best person for this internship to: [email protected]

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

When it comes to motivation, there is mismatch between what science knows and what business does.

If you're using "carrots & sticks" (i.e. extrinsic motivators) then you should have been a leader (manager, supervisor, CEO, etc.) in the 20th century when you might have had some success with that style of leadership.  Carrots & sticks not only don't work well in the 21st century, they often cause harm!

Why won't carrots & sticks work as a motivation strategy in the 21st century?

The answer relates back to Dan Pink's book "A Whole New Mind -- Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future".  Dan understands the seismic shift happening in our world, the shift from a world dominated by left brain thinking to a world dominated by right brain thinking. 

Look around at the problems your team faces.  Do they have a clear set of rules and a single solution?  Doubtful.  In the 21st century Dan says "The rules are mystifying. The solution, if it exists at all, is surprising and not obvious."  In an environment like that, you've got to motivate your team in a different way to experience success.

Watch Dan give a great 18 minute explanation of what's going on in the video below.