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New Teambuilding Game: Ground Slap

How important is timing and coordination of efforts on your team?  Here's a simple no-prop game that can help a team practice and refine these skills.

This teambuilding game called "Ground Slap" and can be played sitting around a table or (preferably) kneeling on the ground in a circle.

The setup is important - - with team members on hands and knees, ask everyone to place their right hand in between the hands of the person to his/her right.  The end result will weave everyone's hands together.

Here's the challenge:  The leader starts by slapping his/her right hand on the ground which starts a domino effect meaning, the hand immediately to the right must slap the ground and then the hand immediate to that hand must slap the ground, and so on. If someone slaps the ground twice in a row then the direction of the ground slapping domino effect reverses (watch the video and you'll see this happen).

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