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From Wimpy to Edgy: 10 observations to help you become a stronger teamwork coach

The most powerful way to build and lead teams is through a "Coach Approach".

Some mistakenly believe coaching is, by default, wimpy. Yes, there are a lot of wimpy coaches (leaders) however, one of the most common requests from team members is for a strong coach (strong leader).

But what does it mean to be "strong"?

The answer can be found by exploring the difference between "Wimpy" and "Edgy".

Leader Coaches can be experienced and highly skilled and STILL be wimpy. 

At the IATF, we prefer Leader Coaches who have "the Edge". 

I’ve never met a very successful Leader Coach who doesn’t have this Edge.

Andrea Lee has re-posted a great description of the Edge which was originally written by Thomas Leonard - - read it HERE

Learn how to become a Leader Coach with the Edge HERE.


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