Two Essentials to Help Your Team Do More Great Work with special guest Michael Bungay Stanier -- Leadership TeleSeminar Recording
Video Message # 2 -- The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach (episode 2)

Video Message # 1 -- The team and leadership development shift felt around the world

What is the # 1 team and leadership development shift happening in the world right now? 

Find out in this 5-minute video message from Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF.

OPPORTUNITY:  The live 7-week IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program starts on March 23, 2010.  This $695 program is FREE for all IATF members.  Join the IATF today and receive all member benefits.


Garda White

good information and spoke very clearly - easy to follow Thanks Tom

H. Nathan Charles

Very precise and informative. A great deal of relevant and helpful information was packed into a few minutes. Looking forward to viewing more of these inspiring videos.

Jim Phillips

Good morning Tom:
Just a quick note to tell you that you deserve a lot of credit for the effort you are putting in to make the IATF organization work well. Just saw your video clip and am looking forward to more info about the inspiration approach. Keep up the energy. Don't stop the messages and commitment by you.

Ayman Elhefnawi

Dear Tom
I really enjoyed your video and your view of leading by inspiration versus leading by motivation
I would like to note also that the new generations ( X and Y ) as team members are of different background too
So they like to be inspired by new Ideas rather than motivated with set of actions
A good example of that is Obama’s inspiring campaign impact on these generations(X&Y) while the same campaign has no impact on older generations
So I think one of the important factors to make this leadership shift is the change of teams characteristics.
Ayman Elhefnawi
Chairman of Executive Board
Boost International inc.
Email : [email protected]


tom thank you for the short video you shared.
i have interacted with you earlier, the programme then was conducted on telephone and internet. It was great watching you speak. You are very clear and very definite about what you speak. I like the concept of moving away from motivation to inspiration and how you defined inspiration.

Shae Frichette

Tom, good information and great passion behind what you do. Looking forward to seeing more of these.
Shae Frichette, CPCC

Stephen Ahlberg

Good stuff! I just recently watched a Dan Pink presentation at TED where he agrees with your perceptions on motivation. He doesn't get into the leadership aspect very much so I'm curious to see how you suggest leading in light of these changes.

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