Video Message # 1 -- The team and leadership development shift felt around the world
Video Message # 3 -- The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach (episode 3): How to turn on the faucet of creativity!

Video Message # 2 -- The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach (episode 2)

This is Video Message # 2 in a series entitled "The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach".

In this video IATF President & Founder Tom Heck shares the first quality of the Leader As Coach:

  • The Leader Coach is a model for others, not just an expert manager.

Click on the link below to download the 2-page handout mentioned in this video.

Download IATF_boundaries_mini_handout

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Ayman Elhefnawi

Hi Tom
concerning setting boundaries with the surrounding people I think we have 2 ways
1. fast sharp way which can be done with short period of time but it can make some conflicts or misunderstanding regarding sudden changes( specially for new leaders or leaders with narrow boundaries)
2. Planned long term change, which can be done on phases, so surrounding people will accept changes gradually.
What do you think which is more practical and efficient?
Best Regards

Ayman Elhefnawi
Chairman of Executive Board

Boost International inc.
Email : [email protected]

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