Video Message # 3 -- The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach (episode 3): How to turn on the faucet of creativity!
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Video Message # 4 -- The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach (episode 4): The power of "reserves" vs. Adrenaline Addiction

This is Video Message # 4 in a series entitled "The 7 Qualities of the Leader As Coach".

In this video IATF President & Founder Tom Heck shares the third quality of the Leader As Coach:

  • The Leader Coach has strong reserves.

CLICK HERE to access the free Adrenaline Addiction self-assessment and article "The Painful Reality of Adrenaline Addiction" by Patrick Lencioni.

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Julie Bartkus

Great post, Tom. I agree that reserves are so important especially with our leaders who are faced with many crisis and interruptions throughout the day. If you don't have any reserves in terms of energy and positive focus, it's way too big of a mountain to climb when leading your team to reach new heights. No reserves - then what will sustain your own internal motivation to keep on keeping on?

Adrian Churchill

Great info Tom. Very true.But, I cannot see the test on the page

Hi Adrian -- The link to the self assessment (test) is found here:



I also can't find the link.

Hi Priscilla -- the link is here:


Imran Zia

I cant see the video
Imran Zia

Hi Imran -- The video is posted on YouTub here:
If you can't view the YouTube video is possible your ISP is blocking video of YouTube. Cody with the IATF Support Team

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