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How "Linchpins" are Transforming Organizations with Seth Godin -- Leadership TeleSeminar Recording


Seth Godin's new book "Linchpin - Are You Indispensable?" is amazing (215 reviews at amazon with a 4.5/5 avg rating).  If you work in the field of team and leadership development you MUST read this book.  I downloaded the audio version from and I'm on my third listen and each time I get something new.

What is a "Linchpin" and how do they transform teams and organizations?

Some people are valuable, but if you want to be invaluable, or even indispensable, you have to be a linchpin. Linchpins are so vital to the organization that you wouldn’t be able to replace them. They hold it all together.

In TRIBES, Seth encouraged us to lead. In Linchpin he goes further, pleading with the reader to be the indispensable member of a Tribe.

Seth says Linchpins are artists and THE primary attribute of the artist is her ability to do "emotional work". 

Artist Hugh MacLeod comments on "emotional work"...

The only people who have a hope of becoming linchpins in any organization, who have any hope of changing anything for the better in real terms, are those who have the capacity to do “emotional work” at a high level—to be true artists at whatever they set their minds on doing. The guys who just plod around the office corridors, just turning up for their paycheck.... Well, those guys don’t have a prayer, poor things. The world is just too interesting and competitive now.

Seth_godin_photoLinchpins don’t worry about what’s in it for them, but instead focus on giving gifts that change people.

If you are to be successful, if you are going to change the world through your work as a Teamwork Facilitator, you must be doing emotional work and giving gifts.

In this interactive TeleSeminar Seth will help us understand the role of the Linchpin in teams and organizations.  We'll explore how you can cultivate Linchpins on your team and how best to lead them.

 This live TeleSeminar represents an amazing opportunity to spend time with Seth Godin to learn first hand about Linchpins and teamwork so I urge you to come to this call prepared.  Study some of the Linchpin material HERE before the call.

>>> NOTE:  We will likely exceed our phone line capacity for this call so arrive early to secure your spot!

I look forward to having you join us for this call.



Linchpins - Lessons for Teamwork Facilitators


Seth Godin, author of Linchpin - Are You Indispensable? 

Tom Heck, IATF President & Founder


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)

runs for 60 minutes


This call was recorded and the recording is archived in the IATF Members Only Area.


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Secrets To Leading Gen-Y in the Workplace with special guest Bea Fields -- LeadershipTeleSeminar Recording

Are you having difficulty leading your Gen-Y team members?

You already know Gen-Y is unlike any other generation you've had the opportunity to lead.

Geny_groupThey are the children of the Baby Boomers and are now the largest generation in the history of the world.  This is the generation you must learn to lead if you are to be successful!

Employers thought Gen-Y would simply be an extension of Gen-X or Boomers but that hasn't been the case at all.

About Gen-Y

  • Enjoy working together and are highly connected (always on computers, cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, social networking, blogs, multi-player gaming, etc.)
  • Seek work-life balance
  • Expect to be highly successful and are upbeat
  • Reward and recognition driven
  • Short term focused
  • Supremely tech savvy
  • Want managers they can admire

If you try to manage Gen-Y using an old, outdated, command-and-control style of leadership, this generation will walk out your door before lunch.  And before the end of the day, they'll blog, IM, and text about their experience with you (warning their friends to stay away).

Times have changed and leaders must change with the times or be left behind.

If you're a leader looking for answers to your Gen-Y in the workplace issues then you need to know about Bea Fields.

Bea_fields_120 Bea Fields is a coauthor of Millennial Leaders and is a Gen-Y in the workplace expert.  Bea travels around the country and works with cutting edge organizations (large and small) who recognize the writing on the wall and want to change the way they're doing business and become supremely attractive to Gen-Y employees.

If you hire, train, or lead Gen-Y you need to know what Bea Fields is teaching.

Bea is an IATF Visiting Faculty Member and will be our special guest on this FREE leadership skills TeleSeminar.  In addition to sharing her unique and specialized knowledge of Gen-Y during the call, Bea will alos offer a Q&A session so you have a chance to talk with Bea one-on-one to get your Gen-Y questions answered.




Secrets To Leading Gen-Y in the Workplace


Bea Fields, President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc.

Tom Heck, IATF President & Founder


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 60 minutes


Come to the call ready to participate in small group discussions, share ideas and resources, ask questions, answer quick polls, and be fully engaged as we put the newest distance learning telephone conferencing technology to use!


The recording of this TeleSeminar is archived in the IATF Members Only Area.


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