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Newsletter of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators -- July 2010

Tom_heck_120Hello Teamwork Facilitators!  It's Tom Heck, President & Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators, with your July 2010 teamwork ideas e-newsletter.

In this issue you'll find lots of great training opportunities, both live and recorded (get the recordings before they disappear). 

If you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback about the IATF please share them with me.  As we grow, I want to make sure we grow in "Class 1" way (Class 1 experience = feels good, good for you, good for others, serves the greatest good)

Tom Heck
President & Founder
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators
[email protected]
office (828) 348-4677

Upcoming TeleSeminars

Group Coaching / Q&A Call -- held monthly
Monday July 19, 2010 at 1pm EST
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Shutting Up or Speaking Out: The Importance of Developing Trust on Teams
with special guest Michael Goldman of
August 19, 2010 at 1pm EST
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Member Buzz Roundup

The IATF community is AMAZING.  Check out what our members are up to: 

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Free Teambuilding Game

Here's a classic teambuilding game called the "Spider's Web" you can lead indoors!  CLICK HERE.

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Free Teambuilding Game: Duct Tape Spider's Web

Here's a classic teambuilding game called the "Spider's Web" that requires a team to start on one side of the web and travel through the holes to finish on the other side of the web.

This teambuilding game requires a high degree of trust and teamwork (and good planning).

Click on the link below to download a 7 page handout containing complete lead-it-yourself directions.

Download Duct_tape_teambuilding_games_sample_game_2

Free DISC Personal Strengths Profile -- Discover What Drives You (and your team members)

If you want to know the real holdbacks to your success, and how to align with your own true personality traits for not only achievement but a life of fulfillment, take this free 15-minute online assessment right now!

More than two million people have taken this assessment to better understand their behavioral styles and personality types: both organizations that want to best integrate high-performance teams, and individuals who want to identify and maximize their personal strengths.

This is the famous "DISC" profile that many people pay $250 for.  This free assessment is quick and easy to take online and you receive TWO free 21-page reports instantly.  The reports help you understand how to APPLY what you find in your assessment in the real world.  The reports can be used during individual and team coaching sessions.

This free assessment is provided by Tony Robbins. 

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IATF Member Buzz Roundup for July 2010

IATF members live in 35 countries and are doing amazing work.  Here's a sample of what's going on...

Assessments For Teambuilding

Mary Ann Masur at Synergy Consultants recently completed a team leadership development program at The Cleveland Clinic. The focus was on creating collaboration, managing conflict and understanding strengths and overdone strengths. Mary Ann used the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) as a tool for understanding motivational styles when things are going well and when conflict occurs. As a result of the program, participants increased their leadership style self awareness and gained a better understanding of how to interact effectively with their colleagues. They also increased their awareness of how the culture is impacted by their strengths.  Mary Ann lives in the Baltimore, MD area.  Contact Mary Ann by email to learn more:  [email protected]

Youth Camp Transforms

Rabbi Shmuly Rothman at Camp Gan Israel initiated a new staff training program based the skills he learned in the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.  Here's what he has to say...

We're off to an incredible start at our summer camp! The skills I learned at the Leader As Coach have made all the difference.  I have so much more time and "brain space" to use my talents as apposed to being caught up with the petty stuff. Hiring staff and empowering them was a whole new experience and we are reaping the benefits.

We have introduced a sustainable form of accountability along with a communication style that constantly urges the staff to recognize where they are being successful and to build on those successes. 

The positive nature of the "coach approach" has brought a new energy and higher standard to our camp and the effect is being felt on all fronts.

Thank you again for introducing me to the "coach approach", I love being part of this "revolution"

Contact Rabbi Shmuly via email to learn more about his camp and how he's leading his team using the coach approach.  [email protected]


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