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The Most Important Leadership Quality for CEOs? Creativity

Why we (shouldn't) hate HR

Back in 2005 Fast Company Magazine published an article entitled "Why We Hate HR". 

William Taylor, the author of that article, now has this to say about HR:

The real problem is that too many organizations aren't as demanding, as rigorous, as creative about the human element in business as they are about finance, marketing, and R&D. If companies and their CEOs aren't serious about the people side of their organizations, how can we expect HR people in those organizations to play as a serious a role as we (and they) want them to play?

This is a lesson I've learned and relearned from all kinds of companies that are winning big in tough economic circumstances. You can't be special, distinctive, compelling in the marketplace unless you create something special, distinctive, compelling in the workplace. Your strategy is your culture; your culture is your strategy. The most successful companies I know understand that the most important business decisions they make are not what new products they launch or what new markets they enter. What really matters is what new people they let in the door--who they hire--and how they create an environment in which everyone in the organization can share ideas, solve problems, and develop a psychological and emotional stake in the enterprise.

Teamwork Facilitators are all about creating an environment that capitalizes on the human element - - in a Class 1 way (Class 1 = feels good, is good for you, is good for others, and serves the greater good).  How do you do this?  Using a Coach Approach.


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