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Can a team lead themselves?

Example of poor leadership and coaching

The video clip below shows a team competing in "The Amazing Race" (a TV program).

Pay close attention to the coaching.

Coach:  "Don't give up on me now.  Just focus."

Launcher:  "I'm not giving up.  I'm just frustrated."

Coach:  "You got this sister.  You are super, super close.  Right in the kisser.  Show that knight who's boss."

Watermelon Launcher gets hit in the face with a watermelon!

Coach:  "Are you okay?"

Launcher:  "I can't feel my face. I have the worst headache ever."

Coach:  "I don't doubt it."

Launcher:  "So what do we do now?"

Coach:  "You have to finish."

Launcher:  "What?!"

Coach:  "There's no out."

Launcher:  "I can't even see straight."

Coach: "They don't call this the Amazing Race for nothing."

The coaching provided in this video clip is an example of what I refer to as a "Traditional Leadership Style." This style of leadership places relationships second (or third) and "winning" in the number one spot. 

Just imagine this coach leading a team at the office.  What do you think her staff turnover would be?  How deep would her "trust account" be? (thank you Stephen M.R. Covey) 

This style of leadership might have worked during the industrial age but it definitely won't work in the Inspiration Age - - an age where our prosperity (economic, organizational, personal, etc.) is determined by our ability to inspire ourselves, our team, our organizations, our communities, our world. 

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Ed Brenegar

Thanks for sharing this, Tom. You are right. This person is a lousy leader. Her lack of people skills probably would make her one of the first to be downsized when the next RIF happens.

michael  cardus

Great example and this context is different from work.
I agree with the woman when she says "you have to finish" they both entered this race, reality TV show knowing their are risks...and they are competing against other teams for money.
This is why examples from sports and reality TV frustrate me, when used for team building and coaching. Because offices places are NOT football field or Reality TV shows.
The people entering reality TV Know they are going to be exploited and willingly sign up. So yes the only option they have to WIN the race is to shoot the watermelon; and not stop.

Coaching in organizations is different. As you fully explore in the IATF coach as leader programs.

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