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IATF Member Buzz Roundup for September 2010

IATF members live in 35 countries and are doing amazing work.  Here's a sample of what's going on...

Collaborative Intelligence uncovered in Switzerland

Demetris Booth at Congruent Minds in Switzerland has developed a new series of public workshops around the concept of Collaborative Intelligence (CI).  The number of teams and organizations who need to collaborate to thrive is increasing exponentially.  This CI program helps position teams and organizations so they remain competitive.  Demetris is also an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is participating on the Technology Task Force which is researching, defining, and recommending technological changes to the ICF web presence and service offerings to coaches and business partners worldwide.

Transformative Studies Ph.D.

Terrance Bradford at Stephen F. Austin State University was accepted into the Transformative Studies Ph.D program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. The primary focus of the doctoral program is to develop thought-leaders who are committed to exploring leading-edge issues in innovative ways that combine scholarship, creativity, and self-inquiry. Terrance will conduct a study on the effects Life Coaching will have on academic success when applied to college students living in “on-campus” university housing.

NYC Outward Bound School delivers giant complex program

Badari Ambatti with the NYC Outward Bound School tells us about a life changing program for 397 students enrolled in the Macauly Honors Program at the CUNY campuses across NYC.  This is the tenth year in which NYC Outward Bound have provided the incoming students with a day-long Outward Bound experience as part of their orientation to the Honors program.  The students were divided into 24 different crews, with each crew participating in a service project and various Team building initiatives, as well as in a Poetry Slam at which they performed a poem that they had created.  View PHOTOS HERE.  Watch the POETRY SLAM winners HERE.

Supporting a Global Team

Lauralee Nieves-Hughes at decided to learn Sharepoint to help her team collaborate with greater ease.  WorldVision has 40,000 employees located in almost every country in the world.  The new Sharepoint website Lauralee developed helps unite all of the offices with one voice.  Lauralee reports that developing the Sharepoint site was a challenge and a great experience. 

Sports Team works on Teamwork

Jaime Cipperly with Lotus Lake Discovery Center in Williamstown, Vermont had the pleasure of working with a local high school varsity soccer team.  This high functioning team came to Lotus Lake Discovery Center to work on teambuilding and communication.  Of the 20 team members, only 6 were American and the rest were a mixture of refugees and exchange students.  Jaime's program design was just what the team needed to explore teamwork at a deep and personal level.

Teambuilding with Knives and Marshmallows

Mike Cardus at shares the program design he developed for working with a CPA group (shares photos to) - -CLICK HERE andMike shares the slides from an Executive MBA teambuilding program he led HERE and photos HERE.

Videos Available on Conflict Resolution and Team Communication

Dianne Crampton at is building a series of free video tips for companies to share with their employees or to use as discussion points for team meetings.  Resolving Team Conflict video is HERE and Improving Team Communications video is HERE.


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