Why You Can’t Work at Work (for teamwork facilitators)
The Trouble With Teamwork

To evoke the best from others on your team

To evoke the best from others, you must find a vibration that is a match to the best in others.

       -- Abraham-Hicks

I love this teaching. It's simple and profound and best of all, it puts you (the leader) in the driver's seat.

How many leaders want to learn how to get the best from their team members?  The leader reads books on leadership and takes workshops on leadership and yet she struggles. 

Abraham-Hicks suggests that the path to getting the best from others is for the leader to find a vibration (a feeling) that is a match to the best of our team members.

Leaders lead.  They go first.  This means the leader must first find that positive feeling (emotion, vibration) in themselves - - a positive feeling that is a match for the best in others.

We explore how to achieve this in the IATF Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.



I love this quote from Hicks - find a vibration that is a match to the best in others - Very profound.

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