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6 Coaching Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports

QUESTION:  What is the # 1 area that leaders consistently score lowest in during a 360 degree feedback assessment?

ANSWER:  "provides effective coaching when needed"

Why do leaders (especially executives) rate so poorly when it comes to coaching?

  1. Knowledge Worker Syndrome -- A "knowledge worker" is, by definition, someone who knows more about what they are doing then their boss does."  How do you coach someone who knows more than you do?
  2. Too Busy -- Leaders are too busy to sit down and coach someone.
  3. Fear of Alienation -- Leaders are worried that they'll coach poorly (or the wrong way) and their direct report will think less of them.

SOLUTION: The Six Question Process developed by Marshall Goldsmith, executive advisor and best-selling author.

Executives who use The Six-Question Process almost always get dramatically higher scores from direct reports.  It's simple and it's fast, easy to implement.

Learn more about the Leader As Coach HERE.


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