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The Power of Experiential Learning -- lessons from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins produced a series of reality TV shows that were broadcast during the summer of 2010.  There were six episodes but only two were broadcast on TV with the remaining four episodes available online.

The series was called "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" and the reviews were not so great and the viewer numbers were not high enough for NBC so the show went to the web.

I loved the shows and one of the reasons was because of how Tony integrated experiential learning into each program.  Each episode actually revolved around the experiential learning opportunities.

In an interview Robbins explains why experiential learning is so powerful.

"But if I can get you to experience something you think is impossible that destroys the old belief system, because the belief system is a weak substitute for life experience. I can believe what it’s like to be in China but if I can go to China I have an experience."

"And so what I try to do here with all these people is give them some experiences that cause them to see what they thought was impossible is possible, create that opening and to get them to act on that moment to do something to kind of lock it in place."

I'm a big believer in experiential learning and I teach experientially every chance I get - - with the groups I serve, with my one-on-one coaching clients, and with my children.  Have you seen some of the experiential activities I like to use HERE?

By teaching experientially we help the student experience the learning at a deep level.  Experiential learning engages the mind and the HEART.  People move beyond "beliefs" to a deep "knowing".

The job of the Teamwork Facilitator (coach, manager, supervisor, executive, parent) is to create opportunities for growth and expansion.  Our job is to help people remember who they are and what they are truly capable of:  GREATNESS.  Teaching experientially helps people get their faster and in a way that sticks.

Here is the 43 minute video of one of my favorite episodes from Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.  Watch how Robbins masterfully uses experiential learning to create openings for growth and transformation.

NOTE:  The video is provided through and that site says the Robbins video may be removed at some point in the future (so watch now).


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