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Working With A Virtual Team -- Free Video Training

Here's the full video (1 hr 13 min) of the panel presentation I was on at the spring 2010 conference of NTEN.org (the Nonprofit Technology Network).

Virtual workplaces are fast becoming commonplace. Shrinking carbon footprints, worker satisfaction and increased productivity are all good for employers (and arguably the planet), but what does it mean for you? How do you get someone’s attention when there’s no door to bang on? How can you trust someone you can’t see or manage in person? How can you enjoy the process and find satisfaction in the result?


  1. Strategies for establishing clear communications
  2. Strategies for evaluating virtual vendors
  3. Resources for working virtually
  4. Three things to avoid that will absolutely doom your project

The panel was lead by Ian Rhett (CivicActions), Jenn Sramek (CivicActions) and Tom Heck (International Association of Teamwork Facilitators).

Learn how to lead a virtual team at the IATF Virtual Team Leader virtual training program.


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