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The Stories We Create -- Narrative and Engagement in Organizations with special guest David Hutchens


Storytelling has the power to transform your team and your organization.

As the whole of human history shows and storytellers have always known, stories are a wellspring of communal life. Stories inspire, support, and sustain all types of human communities.

Having a story in common brings people together because stories cultivate the communion of hearts and minds that creates community.

Stories provide a community with the common ground and shared vision needed to inspire collective striving.

Organizational stories provide an effective way to convey fundamental understandings necessary to workplace design and culture.  More importantly, stories speak to the heart of your team members.

In this TeleSeminar we will explore how you can use stories to build an inspired, high performing team.

 Join us for this live and interactive TeleSeminar to:

  • Learn how to use stories to engage employees.
  • Learn how stories can motivate your team.
  • Learn how stories set the stage for cooperative and productive work relationships by creating common contexts of knowledge, interest, and communication.

David_hutchens_jpg Our guest speaker for this special event is David Hutchens, a bestselling author, and creator of the Learning Fables series of books.

The Learning Fables have been translated into more than a dozen languages and found an enthusiastic audience in organizations all over the world.

As an organizational learning consultant, David Hutchens has worked with IBM, The Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart, GE, Nike, and many others. He is the creator of GO Team, a library of 18 easy-to-deliver team-training modules that allow you to build your own team training agenda. David is a member of the leadership board of Stories in Organizations, a special interest group of the National Storytelling Network.

This live an interactive TeleSeminar with special guest David Hutchens represents a perfect opportunity to learn how you can leverage the power of storytelling to build inspired, high performing teams.

This TeleSeminar will be interactive - - you'll be able to talk with David and ask him your questions directly (or send them in as text).  It's "just in time" coaching! 

Call Details


The Stories We Create: Narrative and Engagement in Organizations


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 60 minutes


David Hutchens, best selling author

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


CLICK HERE to register.  It's FREE!  Registration is now closed.


Come to the call ready to participate in small group discussions, share ideas and resources, ask questions, answer quick polls, and be fully engaged as we put the newest distance learning telephone conferencing technology to use!


CLICK HERE to get the recording for a limited time.
Click on the link below to download the slide deck used in this TeleSeminar.  Link active for a short time.
Download SLIDE DECK David Hutchens Org Stories
This call was recorded and is archived in the IATF Members Only Area. Not yet an IATF member?  Join HERE.


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