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How To Take A Breather (and remain successful) with "Callings" expert Gregg Levoy -- recorded leadership training event


We belong to a work-obsessed culture
whose busyness-as-usual makes us forget that discipline also means knowing when to knock off.

Just as the ear needs “rests” when listening to music, we each need time to linger and reflect in the onrushing of life, time when we’re not engaged in what the Taoists refer to as “the ten thousand things.”

When we’re giving off nothing but busy signals, the calls of spirit, of soul, of the deep self can’t get through.

This TeleSeminar examines the challenges and benedictions of taking breathers, of remembering that life is meant to be savored and not just worked at.

Gregg_levoy Our guest speaker for this special event is Gregg Levoy, bestselling author of Callings -- Finding and Following an Authentic Life.

Gregg is a former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, and former columnist and reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today. He has written about the subject of callings for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Reader's Digest, and many others. He has also been a frequent guest of the media, including ABC-TV, CNN, NPR and PBS.

This TeleSeminar will be interactive - - you'll be able to talk with Gregg and ask him your questions directly (or send them in as text).  It's "just in time" training and development! 

Call Details


How To Take A Breather (and remain successful)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Starts at 1 pm Eastern (NY City time zone)
runs for 60 minutes
BONUS:  An optional 15 - 20 minute virtual "meet and greet" session will follow this program.


Gregg Levoy, author of the bestseller "Callings -- Finding And Following An Authentic Life"best selling author

Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF


 CLICK HERE to register. It's FREE!  Registration is closed.


Come to the call ready to participate in small group discussions, share ideas and resources, ask questions, answer quick polls, and be fully engaged as we put the newest distance learning telephone conferencing technology to use!


This call was recorded and is archived in the IATF Members Only Area. Not yet an IATF member?  Join HERE.


During the call Gregg mentions an article entitled  "Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli" that appeared in the New Yorker magazine.  Download the article in the IATF Members Only Area.

View video below of Gregg Levoy in action



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